book_coverGrowing Up Psychic

by Michael Bodine

This gripping memoir chronicles the hair-raising and hilarious moments in Michael Bodine’s haunted life. It includes amazing true stories—a dangerous ghost friend with a hidden agenda, the hodgepodge of psychics who gathered in his mother’s kitchen, ghost hunting misadventures, spirit messages, possession—along with an inspiring account of his successful battle against chemical dependency as he learned to accept his unusual gift.

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What Critics Are Saying

“Fans of based-in-reality psychic family TV drama Medium, or anyone who wished Running With Scissors had more ghosts, will be gratified with this memoir from professional psychic Bodine.”

“Growing Up Psychic is not a how-to book about developing psychic ability, but it does show that the ability, once recognized and accepted as natural, can be a part of everyday life and become a valuable service that can aid others.”

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